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The essence of abnormality, manifested in human form. Can be described as an egotistical Cynic, Bookworm, Pornography enthusiast, Grammar Nazi, Narcissist, Hopeless romantic & macabre deviant. Did I mention I'm A cat enthusiast and avid craft beer enthusiast? (Be gone, Supermarket brands!)

Above and beyond this, I am also a father and will never place anything above my daughter. Music is the strongest form of expression in my opinion, and I accept most forms of this. Anything else, ask away....
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10 Pokémon Facts you probably didn't know


1) In Pokémon Puzzle League, you can unlock Mewtwo by holding Z and entering the code B, Up, L, B, A, Start, A, Up, R. The code spells out ‘Bulbasaur.’


2) Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee have different names in the Japanese version of the game that reference Japanese sporting figures.


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Corinna Adams & Annabelle Brizuela, Trouble the Cat, Pizza, Sex, Craft Beers, Chelsea Football Club, Books, Concerts, Travelling, Lamp, Los Angeles Clippers, Hiking, Disney, Museums, Bass Guitar, YouTube… Everything I love, in order from what I love most (the first two are tied at #1).

Everyone/everything on that list has my permission to kill me.


Everyone please take note.


He’s so cute!!!

People are overlooking the fact that he’s wearing a badass GBH shirt! Mana knows his punk bands rather well!

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